IFSU Newly Licensed Criminologists

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CONGRATULATIONS to all new criminologists who passed the Criminologists Licensure Examination (CLE) last June 2017.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), there were 20, 819 examinees and only 5, 202 were able to pass the CLE.

The results were released in twelve working days, June 30 from the last day of examination, June 11-13, 2017.

Ifugao State University (Main and Potia) garnered a cumulative passing rate of 82.14% for CLE first time takers.

A joint oath-taking of new criminologist of Cordillera Administrative Region and Region 1 and their induction as new members of the Professional Criminology Association of the Philippines was held at the Carlos P. Romulo Hall, Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City on August 18, 2017 at 1:00-5:00 pm.

Here is the list of the newly licensed criminologists:

1. Sheryl L. Aguido
2. Noemi L Bahatan
3. Salvador L Banutan
4. Marveline M. Bidang
5. Benjie A. Buhong
6. Christipoher B. Bullan
7. Marisa P. Buwayan
8. Mary-ann L. Chuplah
9. Donas B. Dagoh
10. Michael John N. Domingo
11. John E. Dulnuan
12. Jose B. Dulnuan, Jr.
13. Maribeth G. Dulnuan
14. Venus Y. Dulnuan
15. Rodalyn U. Guinobang
16. Roy B. Intugay
17. Ataman C. Mawini
18. Alena Joy C. Ognayon
19. Ariel A. Paliha
20. Billy G. Paplin, Jr.
21. Pyrr Giordan G. Pinkihan
22. Phylish May D. Puhot
23. Rhea L. Sutio
24. Mark Cyril P. Tuguinay
25. Edmar P. Castillo

1. Catherine M. Gulayan
2. Pholea C. Polec-eo
3. Raquel A. Pumihic


Florida B. Robles