IFSU 3-day book fair officially opens

Dr. Marissa P. Bulong, Director, IRT-GIAHS R&D Center browses through the the audio-visual materials during the 3-day Book Fair at the University Library on August 16-18, 2017.

Ifugao State University Library book fair was set on August 16-18, 2017 at the University Library, IFSU Main Campus that gave opportunity to students and faculty to view a wide selection of books to choose from and buy.

The book fair hoped to instill a lifetime love of reading that would lead to the improvement in literary and public education.

IFSU University Library Director Liza Tamargo shared the objectives of the activity which is to:
1) showcase various books/resources for professors/instructors to select books/resources that fits the course syllabi;

2)introduce the students and the instructors/professors to new resources that are available in the market and how these resources can enhance literacy in the classroom and increase library collections to address the needs of our clienteles and

3)increase library collections to address the needs of our clienteles.

The Book Fair was open to EVERYONE– IFSU stakeholders, community, other institutions and agencies. #

Florida B. Robles