IFSU celebrates Nutrition Month Culmination

Dra. Prescilla P. Pagada, Medical Specialist IV, Head of Technical Division, Provincial Health Office is the guest speaker of the Nutrition Month Culmination in IFSU.

Ifugao State University concluded the Nutrition Month observance with a culminating activity at the Multi-purpose Hall of the College of Agriculture and Home Science on July 24.
The national theme “Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit for Life.”

Dr. Diosdado M. Aquino, Campus Executive Director, IFSU Main gave an informative welcome remark in which he steered awareness of the Filipino diet.

“Eating is so constant, in fact, many Filipinos just like here in Ifugao use “Nangan ka mo?” as a general greeting to a visitor in our homes.”

He posed that anyone who visits a Filipino home, no matter what time of day, is offered food and/or a beverage. It happens that guests “interrupts” a meal and generally are invited to dine along.

Dr. Aquino’s query though to the audience is “if our meals comprise a healthy diet?” corresponding it to the celebration’s theme.

He added that the customary meal of every Filipino consists of merienda/snack. Merienda is a meal in itself for those who can afford it. Merienda is important to the Filipinos because they find the gap between lunch and dinner too long and they need to take many breaks from the intense tropical heat.

“Anything can be served with the snack except rice. Rice constitutes a complete meal while merienda is not considered.” he said.

Meanwhile, Dra. Prescilla Pagada, Medical Specialist IV, Head of Technical Division, Provincial Health Office-Ifugao was the guest speaker of the said culmination.

Dra. Pagada discussed why nutrition month is celebrated and its importance.

Nutrition Month is celebrated on July as per Presidential Decree 491 (1974) or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines. This is to create awareness among Filipinos on the importance of Nutrition. This is the 43rd nutrition month.

Dra. Pagada also explained the theme “Healthy Diet, gawing habit-for life” to focus on the promotion of healthy diets in homes, schools, workplace, communities, food service establishments, food companies/manufacturers, institutional care and recreational services.

The objectives of 2017 Nutrition Month are a.) Increase awareness on importance of healthy diets to prevent malnutrition and contribute to the reduction of overweight & obesity, non-communicable diseases, b.) Help the public distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods for better food choices. c.) Encourage the food industry including farmers, manufacturers, distributors & food establishments to produce & make available healthier food options, and d.) Advocate for the enactment of national & local enabling environment for healthier diets.

She then shared the principle of a healthy diet, a.) Balance-consuming foods from different food groups in proportion with each other, b.) Variety-refers to eating different kinds of food from different food groups.

“There is no single food which provides all the nutrients in proper amounts needed by the body.” Dra. Pagada emphasized.

Lastly, c.) Moderation-refers to eating the right proportion of food that is, consuming not too much or not too little as compared with what the body needs.

Dra. Pagada also shared the five keys to healthy diets. First, breastfeeding babies & young children; Second, eat a variety of foods; Third, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits; fourth, eat moderate amounts of fats and oils; and Fourth, eat less salt and sugars.

She then disclosed that Fad Diets, although popular because of its promise for quick result in terms of weight loss and is tempting due to testimonials or claims of immediate weight loss but is unhealthy. A healthy weight loss is one-two pounds a week of weight decrease.

Food Tasting of the Judges for the Food Contest of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture students.


On the other hand, part of the program is the presentation and judging the cook indigenous/organic root crops by the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) students from first year to third year.

BSA-1 team cooked Camote sealed in lumpia wrapper presented by Gideon Ambojnon, BSA-1 won third place with an average of 85.33%.

BSA-2 team had Deep Fried Camote, Camote tops juice and fruit shake.

Represented by Mark Shane Ballotong, Rommel, Dupingay, and Aiza Ganabon, BSA-2 were 2nd placers with a score of 87.33%.

BSA-3 team presented a variety of foods and vegetable.

BSA-3 cooked a complete set of meal for lunch. The meal included “pinaupong manok”, rice, boiled banana, accompanied with different fruits like papaya, pineapple, banana, jackfruit, and others.

For dessert, BSA-3 team made a cassava roll an indigenous/organic root crops based, augmenting their average score of 91.0%.

BSA-3 team was declared Champion and was represented by Imee G. Mutal. #

Florida B. Robles