IFSU one of first 10 SUCS to get PBB payout

Ifugao State University (IFSU) is one of first ten grantees of State Universities and Colleges (SUC) in the Philippines for the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 under the Executive Order (EO) No. 80 and EO No. 201.

IFSU passed the evaluation of the PBB thus employees will be given a percentage payout anytime soon based on their monthly basic salary as of December 31,2016 as their reward depending on the performance ranking of the bureau or delivery unit where they belong as thus: Best, Better and Good bureaus.

As indicated in the PBB guidelines, “PBB rates of individuals shall depend on the performance ranking of the bureau or delivery unit where they belong.”
IFSU has 10 delivery units or bureaus.IFSU performing bureausIFSU Main Campus was held as the Best Bureau under the leadership of Dr. Diosdado Aquino, Executive Director, IFSU Main.As a reward, the employees of the Office of the Executive Director and the service units therein will have 65% of their salary payout.The Office of the President(OP) and Research and Development Extension Training (RDET) Department and the service units therein were held as Better Bureaus, thus, members will be having a 57.5% payout of their monthly basic salary.Meanwhile, bureau assessed as Good have a 50% payout based on their monthly basic salary.However, PBB percentage pay out of less than Php5,000.00 will be given Php 5,000,00 pay out.The guideline of the 2016 PBB are as follows:
a) Achieve agency FY 2016 GAA MFO (General Appropriations Act Major Final Output) performance targets;
b) Achieve targets for STO (Support to Operations) and GAS (General Administration and Support);
c) Satisfy 100% of the 2016 Good Governance Conditions set by the AO 25 IATF such as 1) Agency Transparency Seal (Section 99 GAA 2016); 2)PhilGEPS posting (Revised IR R of RA 9184); and c) Citizen’s Charter or its equivalent, Service Charter (RA 9485).;
d) Use CSC-approved SPMS in rating First and Second Level employees and officials including officials holding the Managerial and Director positions but are not presidential appointees; and
e) Use CESPES in rating of CES officials and incumbents of CES positions.  #

Jill B. Saquing