IFSU Employees plant legacy trees

IFSU Employees plant their birthday trees on July 14, 2017 in support to the re-greening and reforestation program of the university called “PLANT A TREE LEGACY PROGRAM.”

Initiated by Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon from his early years of leadership in 2003 and lingers until this times, the program engages all IFSU stakeholders to plant trees in designated IFSU land areas.

Corollary to this, employees plant trees during their birthday months; students plant trees yearly until their last year of study at IFSU and  foreign and local Visitors,Guests and Officials also sow their trees as part of their itinerary and activities while they are in IFSU. 

Trees that have grown in the walkways, housing areas and street sides of IFSU are visible results of said program and is helping make the IFSU atmosphere cooler as they mature through the years.

The program is strictly implemented and sustained by Tree Planting Coordinators in the different Colleges and Campuses. #

Jill B. Saquing