IFSU President is strong and healthy

Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon and Dr. Julius Ceasar V. Sicat , Director, DOST Region III during the Inauguration of the DOST Innovation and Provincial Science and Technology Center Building in IFSU on April 26, 2017.

Ifugao State University (IFSU) – The convivial mood and state of health of the top exec of IFSU is commandingly inspiring to employees and students here who are aware of the grueling struggles he has been through in the past months after that harrowing accident met by his family in December 23, 2016.

The overwhelming tact and prudence of Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon was conceivable as he continued to direct IFSU towards achieving its goals even as he recuperated and was declared out of danger after his major operation of a fractured left femur in December 25, 2016. His enduring and swift recovery was nonetheless resounding after.

He met and spoke with the university managers. He was in the know of the university matters. He trusted his Officer -in- Charge (OIC) Team while he faced the tragedy they have encountered.

“With my mental faculties now intact and functioning, I can resume performing functions that cannot be delegated as these must only be performed by the University President.”

On January 27, 2017, results of his Neuro Psychiatric Evaluation Report confirmed that his “present intellectual functioning falls under Average level.”

Meeting Dr. Nakamura of Kanazawa University, Japan on January​ 2017 at Dr. Ngohayon’s residence.
(Photo by Ms. Christine Dinagtuan, DSSD Director).

Stated further in the report as thus:

“He appears optimistic in his outlook in life and projected a good self-esteem at present. He feels confident that he has the ability and potential to excel in his chosen field. He could relate well with his social milieu. However, at times he is inclined to experience anxiety especially when things expected are against his will. His coping mechanism is seemingly good at the moment.”

While some quarters are doubtful of the state of his health, Dr. Ngohayon seemed to have not been unwell weeks ahead as he reports at IFSU Main Campus (after his official leave of office) on February 6.

Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon joins the Monday Flag Ceremony on February 6, 2017.
(Photo by Dr. Leila B. Gomultim.)

He joined the Flag Ceremony. Before IFSU stakeholders, He was markedly grateful for the unceasing prayers for his health and his family. Dr. Ngohayon was a projection of a sturdy leader, that sans the walker that aided him to walk, he spoke with mental power.

Sadly on February 17, 2017, he was under the knife again for a neural blood clot.

In his personal text message to the IFSU stakeholders he said:

“After 2 hours, the operation was over and I am blessed to be out of danger that few people who went through the same experience survived. I wish once more to express my profound gratitude to the people who prayed, worked and wished me well. It is indeed not yet my time and that is FOR A REASON! I wish to have you all along in living out that GOD anointed reason for me to deserve a 3RD CHANCE OF LIVING! I hope to be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, February 23 and steadily reach full recovery.”

Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon presides over the Stakeholders Consultation on Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Proposal on March 6, 2017 at the IFSU Japan Center.

He was discharged a day earlier in February 22.

On February 28, his attending physician remarked in his medical certificate “patient was discharged with improved condition; however, he still needs medical attention for 60 days.”

It is over than 60 days now and IFSU has seen a Dr. Ngohayon outliving the medical procedures he has endured. He is a picture of a sound and effective leader yet again.

In most of the important events of IFSU, he was jovial and was always in command of his thoughts. He was nonetheless what IFSU has known throughout the years, grateful and beholden to their prayers and good wishes for his health and wisdom. # Jill B. Saquing

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