Top IFSU Library Users

IFSU Main Campus Library awarded students who had the most frequent visits & had the highest borrowed books at the University Library in the 1st quarter of 2017 during the flag raising ceremony in front of the Administration building on April 10.

The data is from Automated Log in System’s Database (Book Area, Periodicals, Internet, Lounge Area, Client Supply and Audio Visual Room).

The highest top user/borrower student got a personalized mug with IFSU logo. While the second highest received a sign pen and a highlighter. The last highest got a sign pen as their reward.

University Library encourages students and employees to visit and utilize the materials and books inside the library.

The University Library also reminded students to always log in upon entering all areas in the library.

Listed below are the names of students with the most frequent visit and with highest borrowed books at the University Library.


January 2017
Felwa, Mae Ann Tay-eo – BS Crim – 14 entries
Campoy, Celso Ollani – AB PolSci – 14 entries
Bentican, Fe Balitoc—BS Crim – 13 entries

February 2017
Dammague, Antonnette Numbanal—AB PolSci – 97 entries
Guinomtad, Anjelica Halapio—AB PolSci—94 entries
Gano, Hachelle Abad—AB PolSci—77 entries

March 2017
Gano, Hachelle Abad—AB PolSCi—136 entries
Dulnuan, Viceane Feby Tumitit—AB PolSci—136 entries
Dammague, Antonnette Numbanal – AB Polsci—94 entries


January 2017
Tumitit, Charmaine—BS Crim—31 borrowed books
Damona, Caren—BS Tourism—25 borrowed books
Millano, Marie Ana—BS Tourism—23 borrowed books

February 2017
Cayat, Menzy—BS Crim—46 borrowed books
Liwongan, Fhine—BS Tourism—43 borrowed books
Butalla, Jayve Dane—BS Tourism—32 borrowed books

March 2017
Gano, Hachelle—AB PolSci—77 borrowed books
Guinomtad, Angelica—AB PolSci—67 borrowed books
Dulnuan, Viceane—AB PolSci—56 borrowed books

By: Florida B. Robles